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Discover the Gender with a Baby Gender Test

Are you expecting a baby? Then you must have pondered the following question several times: am I having a boy or a girl? Determining your unborn baby’s gender has never been easier! Here, at homeDNAdirect Australia, we offer a 98% baby gender test with only maternal blood samples. It is no longer necessary to wait till your 18th week ultrasound because our DNA test can reveal the gender  at 8 weeks post conception or 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Why choose our baby gender test?

Boasting an accuracy of 98%, our baby gender prediction test is easily the most reliable test on the market. Samples are collected by means of a blood draw. Our kit contains the blood collection tubes, forms, instructions and a pre-addressed envelope to return your samples. You will simply need to find a phlebotomist, doctor or nurse to collect the sample. Furthermore, our test gives you results  at just 8 weeks post conception or 10 weeks of pregnancy.

You can use our pregnancy calculator to work out your dates.

The science behind the baby gender test

Our test has been validated through several laboratory trials to ensure its reliability. So how does the test work? By analyzing fetal DNA fragments in the maternal blood sample, scientists are able to determine with accuracy the gender of your baby. It is important to know that only males carry the Y chromosome while females carry only X chromosomes. It is through this principle that scientists are able to determine the sex of your baby.

By using a DNA amplification method known as polymerase chain reaction, scientists check for the presence of the male Y chromosome. This chromosome can only be present if you are expecting a baby boy. If the Y chromosome is not present then it would automatically mean you are having a baby girl.

How much does this advanced baby gender test cost?

The cost of this test is only $410 and your results will be completed in 7-10 working days from receipt of samples from the laboratory. Please note turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach our laboratory.

After you have prepared the blood sample, you can send it to our laboratories using the return courier service provided in our offer.

Order you test today!

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