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Accredited DNA Paternity Test in Australia

Specialising in DNA testing services, homeDNAdirect Australia is an Australian owned DNA testing company providing you with a wide range of paternity and relationship testing services for both private use as well as legal purposes.

We analyse 21 genetic markers in our paternity DNA test for your total assurance and peace of mind. homeDNAdirect Australia understands that the results from a DNA test can be life changing and therefore all our tests are performed at an ISO17025 and NATA accredited DNA testing laboratory.

Accurate, affordable & fast DNA service

Our home paternity test is priced at only $259 for an alleged father and child. There are NO EXTRA FEES. Upon order, your DNA testing kit will be sent by priority post and received in just 2-3 working days depending on your location. We can send your paternity test kit to any city in Australia including Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The DNA sample is collected by a simple mouth swab and is therefore extremely easy to use and totally pain free! Our paternity test is extremely accurate. If we test the alleged father, the mother and the child/children the probability of paternity will be in excess of 95% if he is the biological father. If, on the hand, he is not the father of the child, the probability of paternity will be 0%. You will have your results in 5-7 working days (Please note turnaround time starts from the moment samples reach the laboratory).

We also offer a wide range of relationship tests including DNA testing for siblings, uncles/aunts and grandparents. The most common use for these tests is when one of the parents is unavailable. For example, two or more siblings could establish whether they have the same biological father without even tested the father’s DNA sample, by carrying out a sibling test. Our relationship testing and paternity testing services can be carried out for legal purposes; results can also be used for immigration purposes and are accepted by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

homeDNAdirect Australia also offers advanced DNA forensic testing  capabilities for a variety of samples including hair DNA testing, cigarette butts and semen with a high degree of success. Our forensic services are ideal should you be unable to obtain a DNA sample using oral swabs.

To see our full range of tests and prices visit our DNA tests available page.

For more information about our DNA paternity testing services or to discuss your case in more detail we recommend you contact us directly. At homeDNAdirect Australia we understand that the need for a DNA paternity test can be a very emotional and stressful time for our clients, we are here to guide you through the process.