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Grandparentage DNA Test

Grandparentage DNA testing will establish the probability of the tested grandparents being the biological grandparents of their grandchild child.  Grandparents might need this DNA test if their grandchild’s alleged father is dead or unavailable for a DNA test and there are doubts about the paternity of the child.

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Cost, turnaround time and grandparents test information

The grandparentage test for one grandparent and grandchild is priced at AUD $649. You will have your results in 7-10 working days.

homeDNAdirect Australia offer two types of grandparentage tests. The first, the one we always recommend, includes the DNA samples of the grandchild’s paternal grandmother and grandfather as well as samples of the grandchild. This test is ideal because it offers maximum accuracy. We also do many grandparentage tests with only a single grandparent.

As with any order relationship DNA test, adding the sample of the mother is strongly recommended to strengthen the final result. If you want to confirm biological relationships between males, for example between grandfather and grandchild, we recommend a Y-chromosome test.

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