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Siblings DNA Test

Sibling DNA testing will establish whether siblings share 1 parent, both parents or have no biological parrents in common. A sibling test can be done between siblings of both sexes. It might make sense to advise us so as for us to recommend the test most suited to your needs.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known mother to provide stronger results.

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The sibling DNA tests we offer

We offer the following 4 types of siblings tests Please read through them and contact us for any assistance.

  • An STR analysis is done between brothers and sisters wishing to know if they have a common parent.
  • Males wishing to know if they have the same father can do a Y chromosome test.
  • Females that want to determine whether they have the same father can do X chromosome test.
  • Individuals can establish if they share the same maternal line by doing an MtDNA test.

What information will we require?

The following information is routinely asked to clients to assess which DNA test is most suited.

  • Who is available for the test
  • What is it you exactly want to establish?
  • What is the sex of the test participants
  • Do the parties live in different places

A siblings test is recommended if it not possible to carry out a paternity DNA test or maternity DNA test. Essentially, in this test, we try to establish whether siblings are biologically related to a parent without actually testing that parent. A sibling test will confirm whether you and your sibling/s are full siblings, half siblings or no siblings at all by comparing DNA profiles using highly sophisticated genetic research equipment.

Our sibling test begins from $589 with results available in 7-10 working days. Return to our relationship DNA testing page if you want to read further or select one of the below options.

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