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DNA Profile Testing: Your own 21 Marker Profile

Your DNA profile is now available from homeDNAdirect. Get your 21 genetic marker profile today for only $245 for a one person profile. Once used exclusively by forensic scientists and investigative bodies, this test is now being used as a unique form of identification and many of our clients have used DNA profile to help them solve  a diversity of queries requiring identification or confirmation of a biological relationship.

Order your DNA Profile test today!

What is a DNA profile?

A DNA profile is a completely unique map of your individual chromosomal markers making up your DNA sequence.  Our DNA profile testing includes the extraction and identification of 21 genetic markers. A 21 marker profile is the accepted minimum international standard.

Laboratories carrying out the analysis of your DNA are ISO 170 25 accredited.

Use of a profile

DNA profiles have many applications. In cases of difficulties identifying a body, DNA profiling can prove indeed indispensable; one example would be the many unidentified people following the tragedies on 9/11 in New York. In cases where no identifying object can be tied to the deceased, a DNA profile test can confirm their true identity with 100% certainty.

So why not have your DNA profile and store it? This can be used to positively identify you should there be the need. Those in high risk employment such as soldiers can make use of DNA profile testing in an effort to assist their families in case of death.

It can also help confirm whether any inheritance claimants are truly related to the deceased.

Get your DNA profile

At just $245, a DNA profile with homeDNAdirect is accessible and affordable.  We offer both standard profiling as well as legal profiling services. To order your DNA profile test, simply Order Your Kit online with us. You will receive a DNA sampling kit shortly after with which you can collect the samples.  Simply follow the instructions, send in your samples, and our accredited laboratory technicians will do the rest. Results are emailed in just 5-7 business days after our laboratory receives your samples.

Order your DNA Profile test today!     Leave your details and have homeDNADirect Call You!     Contact homeDNADirect today!