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    Our lab has tested over 300,000 cases for your peace of mind!

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    Over 10 years experience with DNA relationship testing.

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    Accredited legal DNA testing for your assurance

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    NON Invasive and 100% Risk Free – Exclusive!

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    Need to know now? Are you having a BOY or GIRL?

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Payment Options

We offer clients several ways to pay for your DNA test as below. If any of these are not suitable then please contact our customer service advisers to assist you further.

Credit card

 Visa Order here by Credit Card. MasterCard

Payment by credit card can either be processed directly online through our secure website or alternatively this can be done over the phone with one of our customer service staff.

We only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards at the moment

Kindly be assured that your credit card details are processed through a secure and encrypted system.

easyDNA is part of an international group and an international payment system. Very occasionally the client’s bank may charge a small fee. Although this is out of our control, we will always refund this fee upon receipt of statement. Payments on your statement will show as General Genetics Corporation.

Other payment methods

Payment options

  • Bank transfer

    Contact us in advance for the specific details if you would like to pay using any of these methods.

    PayPal payments

    If you would like to make a payment through PayPal, then you have to send an email to info@homednadirect.com.au advising us what test you want to order and the email address to send you the PayPal payment request. Once we receive your request and process it, you will receive a PayPal Payment Request email.

    Please call one of our offices directly or email us to discuss your payment requirements and find out more about our DNA Tests.


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