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    Our lab has tested over 300,000 cases for your peace of mind!

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    Over 10 years experience with DNA relationship testing.

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    Accredited legal DNA testing for your assurance

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    NON Invasive and 100% Risk Free – Exclusive!

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    Need to know now? Are you having a BOY or GIRL?

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About Us

homeDNAdirect is a leading DNA testing company that has established itself in the field of DNA and genetic testing. We constantly strive to develop our brand to be synonymous with quality assurance and efficiency. The laboratory has carried out well over 250,000 tests up-to-date. Our experience permeates to all divisions of our company so that we can constantly provide you with accurate results for your peace of mind.

Laboratories and the scientists

We choose to work only with accredited laboratories so that we can provide you with reliable and accurate results you can bank on. You test will be carried out in a laboratory that uses state of the art technology and employs highly qualified personnel to handle all the DNA samples according to the required international standards.

The customer care team

Our customer care team has been trained to deal with your queries and with the sometimes rather complex nature of DNA testing. They will suggest the test you need, what exactly you need to do, how to collect your samples and any information about your results. We understand that DNA testing is a highly sensitive issue that has the potential to resolve many problems as well as create anxiety. Our customer care team will always try to help you with all the professional advice you may require.

DNA testing services

Whilst many think that DNA testing is mainly about DNA paternity tests this is far from the case. We offer a number of DNA tests that are accurate and reliable to suit an ever growing demand for DNA testing. You can clarify any doubts about family relations through the many relationship DNA tests we offer that can indicate relationships between siblings, grandparents and their grandchildren and many other relatives. You may wish to provide us with what you may think is an unusual DNA sample, such as hairs or a used Kleenex; you can find out more information about the many discreet samples we test, this can be found under our section on forensic services.

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Contact details

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Tel: 1300 482 165
Fax: +61 (02) 9475 4330

Web:  www.homednadirect.com.au
Email: info@homednadirect.com.au